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On a cold February day in Kleinberg, my good friend Stephanie and her fiance, Scott tied the knot. Steph and I met at a studio in Toronto where we both told a mutual friend that we wanted to be each other’s friend but didn’t know how. hahaha. Our mutual friend then told us both that we were ridiculous and to go out together and after that, the rest was history!

Steph and Scott and I also share a house, each in a different apartment in the Junction. Over 5 years in the making of our friendship, and I would have to say that Steph is a special woman. She has the great ability to listen to your problems and your celebrations, and always be truthful and non-judgemental support. Steph is also a ton of fun! She was for a long time my single girlfriend in the city to go out with, have drinks and dance the night away.

Many nights we would chat about our relationship woes and we would both wonder if the saying “When you know, you know” is really true. On a serendipitous type of encounter, Steph met Scott, and now she is a true believer of “When you know, you know.” Suddenly, Steph’s world changed and within months she was living with Scott and a year later they were engaged. I have never seen my friend happier and I too, now believe that this saying is really a “thing.”

Scott is more reserved than Steph, has an artistic flair, a love for sport and hanging out with friends and family. Steph can be high energy and Scott has a great ability to slow her down. Together, the twosome are a fun and supportive team and I couldn’t be happier for them.

While Steph is the Queen Bee of organization, production and planning, Scott focuses on the creative details. A romantic and insanely time-consuming DIY that Scott undertook was the creation of Steph’s paper bouquet. Steph had brainstormed and made her Pinterest page for the wedding, incorporating her love for a flower-less bouquet. Months and months went by and Steph consumed by other projects, realized she wouldn’t have the time to make her bouquet made of her favourite novels. In the meantime, Scott decided that he would surprise her with the hand-made bouquet of her dreams. Scott tea dyed each page of Steph’s favourite novels and then hand painted the edges. He dried them in the oven and cut them carefully in petal formations. After realizing that this diy would take much more time than he anticipated, he had to tell Steph what he was up to. She was stunned by his romantic and ambitious act of love. Scott went on to finish 5 paper bouquets and 5 boutannieres. It took him over hrs and seriously won him brownie points!

Steph and Scott are a fun, casual and no fuss kind of couple. They wanted their wedding to reflect that. Scott comes from a small family and Steph, being Porteuguese, has an enormous one! After careful consideration, Steph realized that her dream of a tiny wedding was not realistic for her family. She has many extended relatives that she considers her immediate family, and so with a little arm twisting Scott agreed and gave up on his dream wedding to be married by Elvis in Vegas!

The couple did their best to cut out some typical traditions that they just didn’t feel reflected them; like the late night seafood table and a big cake. Choosing a large enough venue for people proved to be a challenge at first. The couple wanted something more special than a banquet hall, yet within a manageable price range. The Doctor’s House was a perfect fit! Surrounded by nature and with a quaint church, it suited Steph and Scott wonderfully.

Steph and Scott wanted the details to be limited as the venue spoke for itself. The couple potted simple miniature evergreen trees for the centre-pieces which added a fresh spot of colour against the winter scene out the windows. They also made all the guest favours; small packets of chocolates.

Since steph’s favourite “colour” is black, it was only fitting that the bridesmaids wore their own choice of black dress and accented their nails and shoes with bright red. The boys wore fitted navy suits.

All in all, this wedding day was a day that Steph and Scott really focused on the joining of their friends and families. There were great speeches, a surprise song by a close friend and family member, and the night ended with dancing the night away!

Steph, I am so happy you found your “when you know, you know.” You deserve someone who will love, motivate, accept and continue to surprise you. Scott, you make my friend truly happy for all those reasons and more. You are a man for life.

xx – april





The Doctor’s House, Kleinberg


Platinum Entertainment Solutions




Karima Sumar


“When the Right One comes Along” by Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio from Nashville Soundtrack







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Last winter I found myself searching for winter wedding inspiration on Pinterest and I was surprised by the lack of snow-themed winter weddings. Every “winter” wedding was from Cali or Australia and it seemed to me as though the wedding industry had forgotten about the countries who actually experience a real winter. Surprisingly enough, people do get hitched in the snow! Where is the imagery? How do other couple’s get inspired?

Olive Studio has gone through some major changes in the last 6 months. I have expanded my studio, bringing on new first shooters, a wedding planner and offering my second passion as an additional service; decor styling. I created this winter inspiration as a lift off to introduce planning and decor styling as one of Olive Studio’s new services. With the help of a very talented team of vendors, here is our interpretation of a dark and romantic Canadiana winter wedding.

I couldn’t think of a more perfect setting for a Canadiana-themed wedding to take place than Linda and John’s dream farm called Holly Oaks. Linda is an avid horse enthusiast with a passion for horses and running a successful equestrian business. The property has maintained its 1857 farm roots but the couple has introduced a twist of modern and functionality operating as a very successful equestrian facility. Looking to expand, Linda would like to use the large property to host small functions and unions. With acres and acres of outdoor land opportunities; a huge stable, arena, and barn, the property hosts endless options for weddings. There are not only beautiful horses but also chickens, low line cattle and adorable Shropshire sheep.

When I think “Canadiana” I think of plaid, beards, hipsters, hipsters with beards, hunting, ice fishing, winter sports, woods, deer heads, the great outdoors, wood fires, cider, horse rides, snow, hay rides, blankets, evergreens, pies, cinnamon and shortbread cookies. Instead of focusing on a glamorous snow theme, I wanted the warmth and coziness of Canadian winters to be the over-all mood. After-all, with winter slumps comes generations of perfecting winter hibernation. We are the masters of indoor fires and cozying up in blankets for hours while the darkness sets in early. Why not use our long winters and celebrate something other than Christmas? Since Marsala was the colour of the season, the fairy tale of Red Riding Hood and the Wolf came to mind. It seemed to be fitting to create a dreamy woodland farm wedding in the snow.

With that fairy tale in mind, the table decor was based around my personal collection of brass candlestick holders and a fabulous plaid fabric I sourced. I made napkins out of the fabric and found a winter/deer theme plate at Anthropologie that was just perfect! Marsala, black, white, gold and contrasts of blue quickly became the colour scheme. Antique mixed with new seamlessly: silver goblets sat along-side glitzy gold + glass tumblers. Gorgeous gold-plated cutlery looked modern and as a final woodland touch, turkey feathers were placed in the centre of the gold plated bowls.

Leslie from Warehouse 84 provided even more brass candlestick holders and added quirky brass deer heads as decoration. Her beautiful antique chairs finished off the ends of the table as hay bales fit alongside as a rustic bench. Sheepskins lay atop the hay, adding another texture and making for comfy seating. Lastly, gorgeous deep coloured and textured fruits are scattered on the tabletop, inviting your eyes to dance from detail to detail.  Becky from Blush and Bloom, created a gorgeous whimsy of florals that posed in various brass containers of her own collection. Olive branch, garden roses, anemones, scabies, magnolia, spray roses, pivot berry, double tulips, carolina sapphire and asparagus fern decorated the table top creating a deep and luscious colour story. Asparagus fern was wrapped around the low hanging chandelier and centred over the long harvest table which was situated in the centre of the stable aisle. Horse heads poked in and out of the stall doors in curiosity creating an intimate environment mixing nature and glamour. Lastly, a bear rug anchored the table and posed under the grooms chair. The room was elegant, cozy, rustic, and of course romantic and you would never know it was the middle of January in Canada! The overall atmosphere was almost like a Medieval Royal Feast.

To continue with the theme, we set up a Spiked Cider Station in one of the empty horse stalls. Using hay bales, wooden planks and crates, we created a tabletop for the cider, decorating it with cut logs, garland and furs.  A huge chalkboard in an antique frame was used as the sign and farm tools laid about the scene. Fox taxidermy made their friendly appearance as well of course. In another stall, we created a vintage blanket station for guests to grab before they cozy up with their loved ones with a spiked cider in hand for a romantic and moody ceremony experience.

The ceremony set-up was simple and a little boho. In the centre of the huge horse arena, a tee-pee of circular patio lights was created. Using a 2×4 as a pole and many extension cords and staples, a perfect tee-pee was erected. An early evening ceremony sets the romantic tone. All the guests watch in the darkness which makes it feel as though they are witnessing the couple’s love privately. It is intimate, emotional and utterly romantic, especially when the guests are watching cuddled up in a blanket of their own.

Lastly, we set up a dessert station on one of Linda’s antique horse carts at the opposite end of the stable. A rustic chocolate cake iced imperfectly with asparagus fern was the feature dessert by Le Dolci. For the savoury types there was a delicious cheese platter of blocked aged cheeses adorned with honeycomb, olives, figs and walnuts. A stunning deer head watched over them both.

The ambiance was set and all that was needed, was some life. Gill Evans and Josh Mcaree from Lang Models, posed as our bride and groom. Anais Anette created a gorgeous boho inspired lace and silk gown just for our shoot. Canadian, native designer, Angela DeMontigny, selected some of her stunning fur pieces, jewellery and clothing and Audra Harris carefully curated the final look also using some staple menswear from The Bay and House of Vintage. To top off the look, Karima Sumar painted a sultry Marsala lip complimented with natural boho inspired hair. Flower crowns au’ natural and in silk were handcrafted by Blush and Bloom and Lady Hayes.

All in all, our team of creative vendors did a fantastic job of creating a moody, woodland winter wedding. It was romantic, off-the-beaten track and for me, very Canadian. I hope this inspires the winter wedding in you! Afterall, it is possible to create a beautiful wedding in a difficult climate. It may take some extra planning and care but even a real snowy winter CAN be beautiful!

xx- april


hollyoaks creative 1hollyoaks creative 2


venue / holly oaks farm

floral + flower styling / blush and bloom

furniture + prop rentals / warehouse 84

photography / decor styling / art direction / olive studio

wedding gown / anais anette

native clothing + accessories + jewellery by designer / angela demontigny

select menswear / the bay + house of vintage toronto

wardrobe stylist / audra harris

hair + makeup / karima sumar

silk flower crown / lady hayes

cake / le dolci

cheese tower / cheese boutique

models / lang models / gillian evans + josh mcaree

special thanks to every horse owner at the barn for prepping the barn and their horses!

special thanks to photo and lighting assistants, David Wile, Scott Ramsay and Ally Chadwick

 This styled shoot was also featured on weddingchicks

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On the eve of the first day of 2015, Melissa and Mireille recited their vows as darkness fell at Arta Gallery in the Distillery. The tearfully joyous ceremony was intimate and romantic and especially cozy as the night grew windier and colder.

When the ceremony was over the entire group lined up outside the “heart” installation in a tunnel effect with sparklers to send off the newly weds to their reception location. Melissa and Mireille ran through the sparkling tunnel formed by family and friends beaming with joy. The night ensued at Archeo restaurant just a few minutes walk away from the gallery. Archeo is a gorgeous venue offering delicious eats and great service. The atmosphere is perfectly suited for an intimate New Years celebration with the warmth of golden lights and rich wooden beams. Bringing in the New Year and simultaneously celebrating their love with all of their closest friends and family couldn’t have been any sweeter. Cheers and kisses were passed around the dance floor and the party continued in full force.

Congrats ladies! It was a blast photographing you and celebrating the beginning of 2015 with some pretty awesome people!

xx – april


mireille+melissa 2mireille+melissa 2







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Alice and Ram are the like-minded couple that I have blogged about before; travel enthusiasts, fun-loving, laid-back and wanting a party to celebrate their marriage with all their close family and friends. Since Ram is from Israel, the couple was hesitant about who might come. This network of family and friends however are clearly very close, as most of the guests were from Israel and abroad. The evening was so intimate and allowed guests to get as much talk-time as possible with each-other.

The wedding was held at the Inn at Cobble Beach surrounded by heaps and heaps of snow covered hills. It was a breath-taking sight with the lake just beyond and luckily the storm that came through that night came late so all the guests were already there and got to party the night away, awaking to a fresh dump of Canadian snow. Alice and Ram weren’t too hung up about the décor or details, and focused instead on making sure their wedding was laid-back, fun and personal. In keeping with Israeli tradition they opted out of a cake and favours….The day couldn’t have been more moody and romantic as the snow whizzed around the Inn and guests danced the night away.

I wish you both many more years of fun, laughter and travel.

xx- april

For links to the online gallery for more of the wedding, please go to: http://olivestudio.smugmug.com/Olive-Studio-Work/WeddingsEngagements/AlivceRam-Wedding/Reception

alice+ram1 alice+ram2



Wedding Theme: Don’t really have one. Winter weekend getaway.

Wedding song: Come Away with Me, Norah Jones

Ceremony/Reception Location: The Inn at Cobble Beach

Bridal Gown: Paloma Blanca/Promises and Lace

Groom’s Tux: Ermenegildo Zenga

Music: Superfly Entertainment – Mitch Masters

Flowers: Memorable Designs

Stationary: Paperless Post and DIY


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Uschi & Kay is a beautiful wedding blog that shares wedding and entertaining ideas, tips, and inspiration with other stylish, modern, and crafty women. Gaelan, the founder of the inspirational blog feels that it’s not only important to inspire, but also to showcase the many talents of Canadian vendors. Unique ideas are just as important as the people themselves. In keeping with my new-found desire to express local muses, Gaelan does this as a full-time job. She has sourced the great vendors, products and crafty ideas and enabled brides to find it all in one place. I love that her style is uniquely off-the-beaten path and focused on weddings that are stylish diy as opposed to cookie cutter glam or opulent beyond the average persons dreams. The weddings and vendors she chooses blend perfectly with my style of shooting and coincide with my typical clientele. Please peruse Uschi & Kay and take a peak at Rachel and Jamie’s wedding that I have recently photographed. I am sure you will enjoy this blog as much as I have.

xx00 april

USCHI & KAY: http://uschiandkay.com/2013/03/05/a-winter-winery-wedding-at-inn-on-the-twenty/

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 11.52.06 AM

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On a bitter cold winters day of February Sunday 17th, Rachel and Jamie tied the knot in front of their closest family and friends in a little chapel at Balls Falls. Shortly after, they celebrated with a sit down dinner at Cavespring Cellars in the quaint little town of Jordan, Ontario. The setting was just beautiful! The sun shone all day long reminding us Canadians, that a bright winters day means a freezing one! Rachel however, knows what she wants and won’t let anything get in her way! She led her bridal party and groom by example in her silk gown out into the cold all while still remaining to smile and pose for the camera. This was her day and -20 degrees wasn’t going to stop it!

The locations to shoot were endless and the light was so perfect. Even though the outdoor shots were rushed and not exactly comfortable, we got some really fabulous ones! This unique and off-the-beaten track wedding has so far been one of my favourites this year. The bridal party got ready across the street at Inn on the Twenty which is such a fabulous place. The rooms are huge, with vaulted ceilings and each one is decorated uniquely with country charm. I love when couples choose to have everything happen in basically one spot. It allows for so much more time to focus on enjoying the day.

All the reception details fit Rachel and Jamie’s esthetic to a T. Wedding planner, Ashley Lindzon did such a beautiful job capturing the romantic charm of the winter vineyard setting. Babies breath, chandeliers and candles galore set the tone for romance. The sun set below the escarpment just as guests were strolling into the dining room. A huge bank of windows lined the view and lit the room with an orange glow. A vintage dresser anchored the room, featuring corks for guests to sign and then home-made desserts at the end of the night. The details of this wedding were as much important as every guest who attended. They set the tone for a cozy and intimate night of celebration, romance and of course lots of dancing into the wee hours of the night!

Here is a glimpse of their wedding.


For all guests of this wedding, please feel free to browse or purchase prints from the night on this link: http://smu.gs/15O8YmT

Rachel+Jamie Blog1

Rachel+Jamie Blog2


Reception: Inn on the Twenty

Bridal Gown: Carmen Marc Valvo

Groom’s Tux: Burberry

Favours: Spiced Nuts

Wedding Planner: Ashley Lindzon

DJ: Dino Busato

Flowers: Coriander Girl

Ceremony: Balls Falls Chapel

Honeymoon: Small island off the coast of Belize

Budget: $30,000

Number of Guests: 110

Wedding theme: Vintage/Chic


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Skye and Alex met in their teenage years at a mutual friends house. Their love quickly blossomed and they were inseparable ever since. A very humbled couple, eager to experience life’s joys and gracious for the life lessons their families and friends have taught them, this couple spent their wedding day surrounded by people who clearly love them very much. Having literally grown up together, Skye and Alex set an example of how to respect one another and hold a pedestal to each-other. This young and vivacious couple are a real life example of love at first sight.  I wish them all the adventure, spontaneity and sparkle life has to offer.

xo – april

Guests of the wedding can go to: http://smu.gs/XlImDF to view or  purchase prints from the reception.



Wedding Theme/Motif: Classic black, ivory, and sparkle

Approximate number guests: 140

Best moment: For the Groom, the first dance as a couple; For the Bride, seeing Alex’s face for the first time when walking down the aisle.

Wedding song: “You Are the Best Thing”, by Ray LaMontagne. It just felt right to both of us.

Honeymoon: A couple nights in Niagara following the wedding, and a trip to Costa Rica is planned for the fall (once Jax, our puppy, is old enough to be on his own!)

Ceremony + Reception location: Oakville Conference Centre, Zorka Kosic, www.oakvilleconference.com 

Bridal gown: Impression Bridal in Mississauga, 905-566-0375

Groom’s tux: Vera Wang, rented from Moores, www.mooresclothing.com 

Cake: Cake pops made by Michelle Mayer of Michelle’s Creative Bites, www.michellescreativebites.com 

Hair and makeup: Melissa Z (makeup) and Nicole (hair) of Pretty in Pink Mobile Hair & Makeup, www.prettyinpink-mobilemakeup.com

Flowers: All bouquets were created by Skye; corsages and boutonnieres by Oakville Florist Shop, www.oakvillefloristshop.com 

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