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As many of my reader’s know, I often post about my best friends’ children. Since I don’t have any of my own, I give my undivided attention to Elise and Ethan when I see them. Soon enough, they will be grown and babies no longer 😦

A quick trip to Springridge Farm in Milton proved to be a success for Elise but not so much for Ethan. Ethan was less than impressed on this trip but Elise was in good spirits. At least we were successful for one!

We tried our best to capture some cute shots of the kids and the kids with their mamas. Here are just some of my favourites.

xx- april



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On May 16th, I had the pleasure of photographing my dear friend Lisa and her family at Springridge Farm. We finally had the opportunity to get Steve out for a photo-shoot with his beloved daughter Kaia for the first time! The love he has for her is outstanding and she just soaks him up. It is adorable to watch the family interact together and share their “firsts” with me. This was Kaia’s first trip to a farm, first time riding a pony and first photo-shoot with mom and dad. The weather was sunny and warm as if the sun had been waiting for us as the weeks before were cold and wet. We discovered that Kaia loves horses but hates grass and really any natural material that touches her feet or hands! She is fascinated by other children and erupts in laughter with a contagious giggle when she is flown through the air. Lisa and Steve are infatuated with their “poopies” and I watch them through the lens with a hint of jealousy and desire that one day I will have that love for someone too.

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