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On a cold February day in Kleinberg, my good friend Stephanie and her fiance, Scott tied the knot. Steph and I met at a studio in Toronto where we both told a mutual friend that we wanted to be each other’s friend but didn’t know how. hahaha. Our mutual friend then told us both that we were ridiculous and to go out together and after that, the rest was history!

Steph and Scott and I also share a house, each in a different apartment in the Junction. Over 5 years in the making of our friendship, and I would have to say that Steph is a special woman. She has the great ability to listen to your problems and your celebrations, and always be truthful and non-judgemental support. Steph is also a ton of fun! She was for a long time my single girlfriend in the city to go out with, have drinks and dance the night away.

Many nights we would chat about our relationship woes and we would both wonder if the saying “When you know, you know” is really true. On a serendipitous type of encounter, Steph met Scott, and now she is a true believer of “When you know, you know.” Suddenly, Steph’s world changed and within months she was living with Scott and a year later they were engaged. I have never seen my friend happier and I too, now believe that this saying is really a “thing.”

Scott is more reserved than Steph, has an artistic flair, a love for sport and hanging out with friends and family. Steph can be high energy and Scott has a great ability to slow her down. Together, the twosome are a fun and supportive team and I couldn’t be happier for them.

While Steph is the Queen Bee of organization, production and planning, Scott focuses on the creative details. A romantic and insanely time-consuming DIY that Scott undertook was the creation of Steph’s paper bouquet. Steph had brainstormed and made her Pinterest page for the wedding, incorporating her love for a flower-less bouquet. Months and months went by and Steph consumed by other projects, realized she wouldn’t have the time to make her bouquet made of her favourite novels. In the meantime, Scott decided that he would surprise her with the hand-made bouquet of her dreams. Scott tea dyed each page of Steph’s favourite novels and then hand painted the edges. He dried them in the oven and cut them carefully in petal formations. After realizing that this diy would take much more time than he anticipated, he had to tell Steph what he was up to. She was stunned by his romantic and ambitious act of love. Scott went on to finish 5 paper bouquets and 5 boutannieres. It took him over hrs and seriously won him brownie points!

Steph and Scott are a fun, casual and no fuss kind of couple. They wanted their wedding to reflect that. Scott comes from a small family and Steph, being Porteuguese, has an enormous one! After careful consideration, Steph realized that her dream of a tiny wedding was not realistic for her family. She has many extended relatives that she considers her immediate family, and so with a little arm twisting Scott agreed and gave up on his dream wedding to be married by Elvis in Vegas!

The couple did their best to cut out some typical traditions that they just didn’t feel reflected them; like the late night seafood table and a big cake. Choosing a large enough venue for people proved to be a challenge at first. The couple wanted something more special than a banquet hall, yet within a manageable price range. The Doctor’s House was a perfect fit! Surrounded by nature and with a quaint church, it suited Steph and Scott wonderfully.

Steph and Scott wanted the details to be limited as the venue spoke for itself. The couple potted simple miniature evergreen trees for the centre-pieces which added a fresh spot of colour against the winter scene out the windows. They also made all the guest favours; small packets of chocolates.

Since steph’s favourite “colour” is black, it was only fitting that the bridesmaids wore their own choice of black dress and accented their nails and shoes with bright red. The boys wore fitted navy suits.

All in all, this wedding day was a day that Steph and Scott really focused on the joining of their friends and families. There were great speeches, a surprise song by a close friend and family member, and the night ended with dancing the night away!

Steph, I am so happy you found your “when you know, you know.” You deserve someone who will love, motivate, accept and continue to surprise you. Scott, you make my friend truly happy for all those reasons and more. You are a man for life.

xx – april





The Doctor’s House, Kleinberg


Platinum Entertainment Solutions




Karima Sumar


“When the Right One comes Along” by Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio from Nashville Soundtrack







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Talia and Alex planned a picture-perfect fall themed wedding at the Manor by Peter and Paul’s. The elegant stone building was a perfect back-drop for their outdoor ceremony in the golden fall light.

They couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. We had so much time to take bridal party photos and the couple was extremely enthusiastic and laid-back to explore various locations. They found an old barn nearby where we took some of the best shots. Each one of their friends in the bridal party came and trudged through the long grasses and mud without a squeak. It was refreshing to have such a huge bridal party so relaxed about the photo taking time! They even serenaded Talia and Alex while they got their couple shots done. It was a lot of laughs.

The barn was left open so we had a gorgeous light leak scenario to play with inside. I could have spent days in this barn shooting but we had a pond and a corn field and many more spots to shoot in.

The cocktail hour and reception ensued indoors and the couple had clearly marked their personal touches with many DIY projects. Using Pinterest as inspiration and a creative flair from both of them, they embarked on many personal projects.

Alex designed their invites with an engagement shot and printed them at mpix. The seating chart was written out on an 8 pane old window from an antique market near Talia’s cottage.

Madlib’s were made for cocktail hour entertainment and as a keepsake of their wedding day. Taking inspiration from the internet, the couple made their own that was suited to them.

Alex really wanted to incorporate pumpkins into the decor so they decided to use them as table number charts, and painted the numbers directly onto them in white.

Talia and Alex came across the idea of using an antique luggage as the busta box and thought that this fit perfectly with their rustic theme. They got the old luggage from a family friend and made a sign saying “Thank You” out of construction paper and twine that they strung across the top.

The couple couldn’t find a guest book idea that they really loved, so they created their own using cedar planks. They put the planks together and decorated it with nails forming three hearts. Using orange yarn, they wove it around the nails to define the heart shape and left sharpies for guests to sign their names on the wood. This would be a great decorative piece to hang on the wall in their home.

For the head table decor, Talia and Alex made a sign that said “Mr and Mrs Bass” that they strung across the head table. They bought a burlap banner cut into triangles from Creative Bag and then painted a letter on each one. In front of the table, they had large wooden candle holders, as well as pumpkins for a splash of colour. They even made the candle holders out of logs that they found on the side of the road. They drilled tea-light sized holes in the tops of each.

For guest favours, the couple bought bread dippers from a Canadian company called Wildly Delicious and then wrapped them in burlap. They added thank you tags that they designed in Photoshop and tied them to each bottle with lace. Instead of adding the customary confetti candy, they tied small bags of Jelly Belly’s to each favour because they thought they better reflected Talia’s love of candy and the fact that they are children at heart.

Lastly for the ceremony decorations, Talia and Alex wanted to keep their ceremony decorations rustic, simple and non-distracting. They collected some feather reed grass from the side of the road near Talia’s house, cut the stalks down to size, and stuck them inside two planters that flanked them and the officiant during the ceremony.

Talia and Alex clearly put a lot of time and thought into their wedding day. They wanted their guests to have an experience to go home with – a day to be branded into their hearts and memories forever. I certainly did. Talia and Alex, you are kind and humble and young at heart and in years 😉 I wish you all the very best and brightest future together. You are clearly a strong and dedicated team.

xx- april

talia+alex 1 talia+alex 2 talia+alex 3


RECEPTION LOCATION: The Manor by Peter and Paul’s

CEREMONY LOCATION: The Manor by Peter and Paul’s

COUPLE/BRIDAL PARTY LOCATION: Kleinberg and a private barn

OFFICIANT OR PRIEST: Richard Bristow from Enduring Promises


CATERING: The Manor by Peter and Paul’s

DRESS: Lara by Sottero and Midgley

TUX: BLACK by Vera Wang

SHOES: Nine West

ACCESSORIES: Headpiece: Nordstrom

FLOWERS: Da Vinci Flower Shop

MUSIC: S4 Entertainment and Audio/Visual

HAIR/MAKEUP: Hair – Hala at Cynthia’s Unisex Hair Design

Makeup – Gina Drougas

FAVOURS: Wildly Delicious Bread Dipper

BRIDAL PARTY ATTIRE: Bridesmaids: Alfred Angelo

Groomsmen: Black by Vera Wang

BRIDAL PARTY GIFTS: Groomsmen – Seattle Seahawks Jerseys

Bridesmaids: Coach Double Zip Wristlet

INVITATIONS: We designed our own and printed them through http://www.mpix.com/

BUDGET: $30,000

DÉCOR: All of our décor was DIY by the bride and groom.


Q + A with Talia + Alex

Q: How did you meet?

A: “We met through a mutual friend at the University of Waterloo when we were both doing our undergrad there. We became great friends and our relationship blossomed from there”

Q: What was the most important factor when deciding on a photographer for your wedding day?

A “The main factor for us was that we liked the style of the photos in the photographer’s portfolio. We were looking for someone that could capture both epically composed as well as candid photos of us and our guests.”

Q: What was your favourite detail from the wedding day?

A: “Our favourite detail was our ceremony. We both loved that we could completely personalize it by choosing every aspect of it. Our officiant, Richard, was great and helped us through the whole process. We were able to write our own vows, as well as pick the readings and all other aspects of the ceremony. By doing this, we were able to create a ceremony that reflected us as a couple, which we think made it more intimate and meaningful.”

Q: What was your favourite moment?

A: Talia’s favourite moment was hearing Alex’s vows. Alex’s favourite moment was watching Talia walk down the aisle.

Q: What was your first dance song and why?

A: Our first dance song was “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. We’re not very mushy so we liked that it was about love but not in a cheesy way. Plus we’re both Jason Mraz fans.

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Nicole is one of those women who sweeps you off your feet in the first five minutes you meet her. She is bubbly, enthusiastic and interested in what you have to say. She is that kind of sweet you wish you had – but the kind that would be the sickening sweet if YOU tried it. Her laughter is contagious and I am certain that Dennis got all twisted up in her kind of sweet, not long after he met her. These two are truly magnetic! I had a great time getting to know you both and love your carefree attitude and genuine support for each-other. I saw the spark in your love and hope that I was able to capture it. All the very best to you both!

xx- april

nicole+dennis nicole+mark 2


CAKE: CC’S Creations and Fine Desserts
CATERING: The Doctor’s House
DRESS: Leighton by Hayley Paige
TUX: Tip Top Taylors
SHOES: Rene Caovilla
FLOWERS: Pure Hue Dynasty
HOTEL: The Element
MUSIC: VIP Entertainment
HAIR:  Salon Gaboa

MAKEUP: Fancy Face Inc
FAVOURS: DIY – Bulk Barn & eBay

Bridesmaids: David’s Bridal

RENTALS: MegaCityLinen
BUDGET: $33,000



Q/A with Nicole:

BRIDE + GROOM FULL NAMES: Nicole Leone & Dennis Naumann
JOB TITLES: Dance Teacher & Operations & Maintenance Program Coordinator

How did you meet?

“In a dog park.”

What was your favourite detail from the day?

“How can I pick just one? The wax seal…my dress… and especially that moment when we first arrived at the venue and saw it all come together – we were overwhelmed, it was an incredible moment.”

What was your favourite moment?

“Our first dance. Let’s Stay Together by Al Green. We love that Motown heart and soul; it makes us smile and we wanted to do something more than the standard side to side step! It was perfect for me to put my skills to good use and choreograph something special that I knew we’d both enjoy.”

Please explain some of your DIY projects.

“We were inspired by the medieval renaissance period that was reflected in the wooden beams, candle topped chandeliers, gold mirrors and lush gardens of our venue. Our vision was to incorporate details reminiscent of a time passed, while keeping it classic and intimate. We drew on this, and had a stamp made off of eBay of our initials. We used burgundy wax to seal our invitation envelopes with our personalized stamp. We also relied on one of our bridesmaid’s experience in graphic design to help create the vision of our invitations. We wanted rich medieval colours and chose gold, ivory and cranberry red for our colour scheme. We bought red ribbon from the dollar store and tied everything together in a little package. When it came to florals, we wanted deep vibrant colours that would add warmth and went with dark reds, deep purples and hot pinks. We also put together our wedding favours, having paid a lengthy visit to bulk barn and wrapping the goodies in little red boxes we bought off eBay. We also really wanted our guestbook to be something more than just a signature on a page; we wanted it to be something fun that we would look back on and appreciate many years from now. We bought a Polaroid camera and put our bridal party to work snapping photos of guests striking a pose with playful cut out props that we had put together, before placing them into our guestbook where guests could sign beside their picture.”

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