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Erica and Luke are a fierce and funny duo and here is the layered back story of how they met:

“In 2009, Luke and his friends were randomly put on a Sail Croatia boat with two of Erica’s friends (one of them, Kayla, was a bridesmaid) for a week-long sailing trip.

Fast forward to 2011, Kayla was visiting Erica, who lived in Vancouver, and Luke was living in Whistler to do a snowboarding season with Richard ( a groomsman). Kayla, who had Luke on Facebook still, said “I met this guy a few years ago, I don’t really know him, but he was cool and he would probably let us stay on his couch for free if we want to go snowboarding”. And so Kayla and Erica went up to Luke’s. Kayla ended up deciding to stay in Whistler for a few months, so Erica would go up every weekend (between studying her masters degree) to hang out with Kayla, Luke and their friends.  Within a month, Erica & Luke were dating (but they pretty much got together after about 5 days knowing each other!). The rest is history!”

This story seems like perfect fate. I love to hear how couple’s meet and especially love circumstances so looming on chance.

Since Erica is a fellow Canadian and Luke is an Aussie, but both are living in Australia, the couple concluded that they would need to have two weddings in order to properly celebrate with all the people they love so dearly.

The Canadian wedding was chosen to be as casual and backyard bbq style as possible. 40 people flew in from overseas and they wanted to make sure that the wedding was focused on their guests and the party. Since neither Erica or Luke are very serious people, they wanted it to be fun and laid back!

A pig roast was the inspiration with lots of lawn games and outdoor seating to encourage guests to mingle and get to know one another. Since people were flying from all over the world for this wedding, Erica and Luke wanted to make sure that they could spend tons of time with each friend and family member.

Since the couple lives overseas, most of the planning and coordination was done by Erica’s extraordinary mom and Aunt Debbie. Aunt D made all of the chocolate favours, which were Canadian themed (loonies, maple leaves etc) and a campfire with feature smores were part of the Canadian integration. Since most Aussie’s have never heard of smores and are banned from making campfires, this was especially entertaining.

As for decor, Lesley Lebel, the owner of the stunning venue Sagewood Farms, handled all of that with her personal collection of vintage dishware, furniture, and more!

Even though I only knew you two for a day, I feel like I’ve known you for years. You make an obvious loveable pair, evident by the outpouring of love and admiration from your family and friends from around the globe. Wherever your adventure together goes, go with all of your heart.

xx- april


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“The popcorn bar! We wanted an affordable way to provide food/snacks to everyone at the end of the night after all the shots, and the popcorn bar was a hit! Also, the cupcakes – Erica LOVES baking them at home, so they were a perfect touch, and the caterers did a BEYOND BEAUTIFUL job decorating all of them and our cake… just gorgeous. Luke’s was the beer cans!! The Molson Canadian beer cans were a bit retro and also very Canadian, and they just fit the scene perfectly (and the Aussies loved them… haha!)”


“My favourite moment was reaching the base of the aisle with my dad; everyone under that big beautiful tree, and my husband-to-be looking like a stud at the other end of the walkway.”


“My favourite moment was at the end of the night, with a sparkler send-off to the Canadiana camping tent where we spent our first night together as man and wife.”


“Island in the Sun by Weezer – It’s been my favourite song since forever, and when we got together, Luke really got into them as well. We even saw them live at a festival in Squamish BC, where the lead singer sang the song while walking beside us in the crowd! The band has always held a special place for us, signing along to their songs on road trips, seeing them live in Melbourne, and the song was perfectly upbeat, laid back, and very paradise-y (with a bit of a rock-y chorus), perfect for our day.”


“Number 1 important factor, is that the photography was non-cheesy, candid and natural photography, which you don’t just nail in 80% of your portfolio; you nail it every time. So that was a major factor. But we also fell in love with your stuff the moment we read how you try to take lots of photos of the guests so that we can remember that too – obviously, with everyone flying in, that was a big thing for us. And finally, the finishing and editing of your photos is just so natural but with that light, pink-y kind of finish that makes it look like a fantasy (which it was). It’s just enough editing to make it beautiful but still totally imperfect like the subjects are. And to be honest, I totally think you could charge more than you do. The only other photographer that we considered other than you was $4,500 for one photographer. That was super expensive, but I thought you were a total bargain for what we got, and now that we’ve seen the result… like, we legit won the lottery.”



Sagewood Farms


Rob Brouwer


Feast Your Eyes Catering


Feast Your Eyes Catering


Mint Floral Co


Brooklyn Salon+ Spa


Maggie Sottero


Tip Top Tailor


Klub Nico


Homeade Chocolates


Coordinates bracelets from Etsy + Etsy Robes


Custom designed by family friend


Spotify playlist


Between 30-35k







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My best friend, Erica, is a multifaceted kind of woman! She is caring, generous, determined, skillfull at multi-tasking, independent and of course beautiful. Recently, she has taken on a side venture as a hobby and jewelry collector. She introduced me to a jewellery line called Stella + Dot about a year ago. Since then, I’ve been hooked! The necklaces are by far my favourite items, as bold and beautiful are the key factors in attracting me to a statement piece. The thing that makes this line so special is that if you host a party, you get jewelry incentives for free! You also get to look at the line in person and in the comfort of your own home with your friends and family. It is like those Tupperware parties you hear about but never go to. Lets face it, I am not ready for collecting Tupperware. Should anyone really be of age to? lol. Ladies, hold onto your seats and read this interview with my bestie. She will make you want to take a peak at the line in person. And if you do, it involves a reason to party and start collecting more jewelry pieces…..

x- april



1.  What made you decide to be a Stylist for Stella & Dot ?

It all started when I attended my first Stella & Dot party. I loved the jewelry so much (and bought a boat load of it!) so I decided to host my own party. During that event, I realized just how much I enjoyed helping women style their lives, all while having a lot of fun doing it.

2.  Who is the founder of the company and where is the jewelry made?

The CEO & founder of the company is Jessica Herrin. She started Stella & Dot in 2003, and at first, made all of the jewelry on her own. She was looking for a way to help the modern women launch her own creative, entrepreneurial business. All of the jewelry is designed in New York, led by Chief Creative Officer Blythe Harris, who used to work as a designer for luxury brands Cartier and DeBeers.

3.  Who can host a Stella & Dot party? And How?

Anyone who is interested in fun, fashion, and likes to entertain, can host a Stella & Dot Party! Simply contact me to set up a date, I’ll show up with my jewelry & accessory samples and set up a “pop-up boutique” in your home. Parties are typically two hours in length and there is no cost associated with hosting. Some great ideas include a cocktail hour get together, or a Sunday brunch event.

4.  Does the host receive any special “perks” for hosting?

Absolutely! The host receives her choice of jewelry and accessories from the amazing collection….all for free. Plus, she can also receive additional pieces at half off, depending how much is sold at the party.

5.  What are some key pieces that you would recommend for this season?

Some of the key pieces I would recommend are those that add a pop of colour for Spring and Summer. Great examples of these would be the jolie necklace, turquoise wanderlust bracelet, or serenity stone drop earrings. If you aren’t into colour, there are many other great items in gold, silver, and even rose gold tones. A big trend is also mixed metals. There really is something for everyone, whether it is big statement pieces or delicates.

6.  What pieces would you suggest for a bride or bridesmaid from the latest collection?

The Isadora pearl bib necklace is one of my favourites for weddings, whether you are the bride, a bridesmaid, or a guest. It is a piece that can be dressed up or down, so you can wear it after the big day as well. The Joyce Chandelier earrings and Petra braided bracelet are also great choices. Stella and Dot is all about versatility, affordability, and providing great quality merchandise that can work for any occasion.

7. What are your personal favourites from the latest collection?

I’m really in love with the Juniper Statement necklace, along with the new ikat print bags and scarves. I also can’t get enough of the Zoe Lariat necklace…I wear it with everything!

8.  As a newly wed woman, what recommendations do you have for brides shopping for their wedding day jewelry? How do they keep it classic yet contemporary, and not over powering?

Shopping for wedding jewelry can be tough, and really time consuming. I wasn’t fortunate enough to have been introduced to Stella & Dot when I got married, so it definitely was a mission. My advice would be to pick pieces that are versatile, that you can also wear after the big day. Nobody likes to spend a ton on something they will only wear once (save that for the dress!). Make sure you wear pieces that you are comfortable in, but that also show your unique style.

For more information about hosting a Stella+Dot party, please contact Erica @ 905.301.5779 or email her @ pylypczak@hotmail.com

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