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On a cold February day in Kleinberg, my good friend Stephanie and her fiance, Scott tied the knot. Steph and I met at a studio in Toronto where we both told a mutual friend that we wanted to be each other’s friend but didn’t know how. hahaha. Our mutual friend then told us both that we were ridiculous and to go out together and after that, the rest was history!

Steph and Scott and I also share a house, each in a different apartment in the Junction. Over 5 years in the making of our friendship, and I would have to say that Steph is a special woman. She has the great ability to listen to your problems and your celebrations, and always be truthful and non-judgemental support. Steph is also a ton of fun! She was for a long time my single girlfriend in the city to go out with, have drinks and dance the night away.

Many nights we would chat about our relationship woes and we would both wonder if the saying “When you know, you know” is really true. On a serendipitous type of encounter, Steph met Scott, and now she is a true believer of “When you know, you know.” Suddenly, Steph’s world changed and within months she was living with Scott and a year later they were engaged. I have never seen my friend happier and I too, now believe that this saying is really a “thing.”

Scott is more reserved than Steph, has an artistic flair, a love for sport and hanging out with friends and family. Steph can be high energy and Scott has a great ability to slow her down. Together, the twosome are a fun and supportive team and I couldn’t be happier for them.

While Steph is the Queen Bee of organization, production and planning, Scott focuses on the creative details. A romantic and insanely time-consuming DIY that Scott undertook was the creation of Steph’s paper bouquet. Steph had brainstormed and made her Pinterest page for the wedding, incorporating her love for a flower-less bouquet. Months and months went by and Steph consumed by other projects, realized she wouldn’t have the time to make her bouquet made of her favourite novels. In the meantime, Scott decided that he would surprise her with the hand-made bouquet of her dreams. Scott tea dyed each page of Steph’s favourite novels and then hand painted the edges. He dried them in the oven and cut them carefully in petal formations. After realizing that this diy would take much more time than he anticipated, he had to tell Steph what he was up to. She was stunned by his romantic and ambitious act of love. Scott went on to finish 5 paper bouquets and 5 boutannieres. It took him over hrs and seriously won him brownie points!

Steph and Scott are a fun, casual and no fuss kind of couple. They wanted their wedding to reflect that. Scott comes from a small family and Steph, being Porteuguese, has an enormous one! After careful consideration, Steph realized that her dream of a tiny wedding was not realistic for her family. She has many extended relatives that she considers her immediate family, and so with a little arm twisting Scott agreed and gave up on his dream wedding to be married by Elvis in Vegas!

The couple did their best to cut out some typical traditions that they just didn’t feel reflected them; like the late night seafood table and a big cake. Choosing a large enough venue for people proved to be a challenge at first. The couple wanted something more special than a banquet hall, yet within a manageable price range. The Doctor’s House was a perfect fit! Surrounded by nature and with a quaint church, it suited Steph and Scott wonderfully.

Steph and Scott wanted the details to be limited as the venue spoke for itself. The couple potted simple miniature evergreen trees for the centre-pieces which added a fresh spot of colour against the winter scene out the windows. They also made all the guest favours; small packets of chocolates.

Since steph’s favourite “colour” is black, it was only fitting that the bridesmaids wore their own choice of black dress and accented their nails and shoes with bright red. The boys wore fitted navy suits.

All in all, this wedding day was a day that Steph and Scott really focused on the joining of their friends and families. There were great speeches, a surprise song by a close friend and family member, and the night ended with dancing the night away!

Steph, I am so happy you found your “when you know, you know.” You deserve someone who will love, motivate, accept and continue to surprise you. Scott, you make my friend truly happy for all those reasons and more. You are a man for life.

xx – april





The Doctor’s House, Kleinberg


Platinum Entertainment Solutions




Karima Sumar


“When the Right One comes Along” by Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio from Nashville Soundtrack







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Bailey and Tom had an intimate tented wedding celebration on Bailey’s family farm in Stouffville. They wanted the wedding to reflect who they are; fun and casual, so the family farm was a perfect fit. The farm kept it rustic and elegant and together with the couple’s family and friends, they were able to do everything themselves. Not only did this save money, but left an impression of the couple, their style, and their life ambitions together.

Everything was scheduled on site which made the day relaxed and all about the party! Guests were invited to camp out on the property and a cozy seating area dotted around a campfire circle waiting in anticipation for marshmallow roasting. The couple’s fun touches were the “Dance Floor Rules Sign” as well as two of their favourite drinks as Signature Drinks. Bailey’s family collects classic cars, so they incorporated some of the cars into the décor as well as the pictures. Bailey’s mom and aunt did the planter arrangements, and Bailey’s family friend Patty Yake did the head table decor, dessert and gift table as well as the flowers for the arch. Another friend named Patti Skelton was a huge support for the family from beginning to end and was in charge of purchasing decor, and the runner for last minute errands on the wedding day. All in all, the couple had a huge support system that they can’t thank enough!

Bailey loves horses, so she wanted to arrive in a horse and carriage as a surprise to everyone except her mom. All décor and details were collected, donated, or bought by the wedding party and parents of the bride and groom. Hay bales were covered with burlap as ceremony seating, and a fake flower arch was the focal point for the ceremony. I had never seen a fake flower arch but I was impressed at how real it looked. It is a brilliant idea to prepare if you plan on doing your own flowers ahead of time! The bridesmaids and moms helped make all the guest favour home-made jams and the set-up of the reception was a full family effort. Overall, the decor was simple and elegant with a country rustic flair.

Bailey included a portion of her mom’s dress in her dress, as well as a picture of her dad on her bouquet as he had passed away – even though her stepdad walked her down the aisle, she still had a piece of both her mom and dad with her. Tom first met Bailey in Toronto, so his cuff-links were a map of the city (which also happened to show Stouffville, the location of the wedding).

You could feel the love on this gorgeous wedding day, understanding that family and friendship means the world to Bailey and Tom. The afternoon ceremony was tearful and heartfelt as the couple pronounced their affectionate vows to each other. There wasn’t a dry eye in the field.

I couldn’t be more honoured to be there to capture the day. Bailey and Tom; you have something truly special. I hope you remind yourselves everyday of the love, friendship and admiration you had for one another the moment you said “I will”.

All the best to you both!

xx – april

baileytom1 baileytom2 baileytom3 baileytom4



“Our homemade jam favours, as the bridesmaids and moms made it together. It took an entire day of prepping the jars, making the actual jam, and tying on the burlap tops with the perfect bow.”


BAILEY: “After the ceremony was over, walking back up the aisle hand in hand with Tom to everyone clapping and cheering – it hit me that we were officially married and could now celebrate! Also the bridal party entrance to the reception – we all got to have a lot of fun with that and set the tone for the rest of the night. “

TOM: “First seeing Bailey as she arrived in the horse drawn carriage and walked down the aisle.”


“Our first dance was “10,000 Emerald Pools” by Borns. We both love this song and Borns, so the acoustic version of this song seemed like the perfect fit for our first dance. Also as sappy as it may sound, the lyrics capture the way we feel about each other – at the end of the day all we need is the other person.”



Bailey’s family farm in Stouffville


Leslie Sedore


Walla Music


Bob Hawkins


Lionel’s Farm


Affair Rentals


Stouffville Florist


Katie Assinck


Rhonda Cox


David’s Bridal


Project Elegance


Newman’s Menswear


Bill Levkoff


Bridesmaids: robe, champagne glass, embroidered maeup bag, Kate Spade Bracelet

Groomsmen: Cufflinks, bottle of liquor, tickets to Jays game


Debbie LeBuffe


John Leadbetter


Home-ade Jam














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Erica and Luke are a fierce and funny duo and here is the layered back story of how they met:

“In 2009, Luke and his friends were randomly put on a Sail Croatia boat with two of Erica’s friends (one of them, Kayla, was a bridesmaid) for a week-long sailing trip.

Fast forward to 2011, Kayla was visiting Erica, who lived in Vancouver, and Luke was living in Whistler to do a snowboarding season with Richard ( a groomsman). Kayla, who had Luke on Facebook still, said “I met this guy a few years ago, I don’t really know him, but he was cool and he would probably let us stay on his couch for free if we want to go snowboarding”. And so Kayla and Erica went up to Luke’s. Kayla ended up deciding to stay in Whistler for a few months, so Erica would go up every weekend (between studying her masters degree) to hang out with Kayla, Luke and their friends.  Within a month, Erica & Luke were dating (but they pretty much got together after about 5 days knowing each other!). The rest is history!”

This story seems like perfect fate. I love to hear how couple’s meet and especially love circumstances so looming on chance.

Since Erica is a fellow Canadian and Luke is an Aussie, but both are living in Australia, the couple concluded that they would need to have two weddings in order to properly celebrate with all the people they love so dearly.

The Canadian wedding was chosen to be as casual and backyard bbq style as possible. 40 people flew in from overseas and they wanted to make sure that the wedding was focused on their guests and the party. Since neither Erica or Luke are very serious people, they wanted it to be fun and laid back!

A pig roast was the inspiration with lots of lawn games and outdoor seating to encourage guests to mingle and get to know one another. Since people were flying from all over the world for this wedding, Erica and Luke wanted to make sure that they could spend tons of time with each friend and family member.

Since the couple lives overseas, most of the planning and coordination was done by Erica’s extraordinary mom and Aunt Debbie. Aunt D made all of the chocolate favours, which were Canadian themed (loonies, maple leaves etc) and a campfire with feature smores were part of the Canadian integration. Since most Aussie’s have never heard of smores and are banned from making campfires, this was especially entertaining.

As for decor, Lesley Lebel, the owner of the stunning venue Sagewood Farms, handled all of that with her personal collection of vintage dishware, furniture, and more!

Even though I only knew you two for a day, I feel like I’ve known you for years. You make an obvious loveable pair, evident by the outpouring of love and admiration from your family and friends from around the globe. Wherever your adventure together goes, go with all of your heart.

xx- april


ericaluke1 ericaluke2 ericaluke3 ericaluke4 ericaluke5



“The popcorn bar! We wanted an affordable way to provide food/snacks to everyone at the end of the night after all the shots, and the popcorn bar was a hit! Also, the cupcakes – Erica LOVES baking them at home, so they were a perfect touch, and the caterers did a BEYOND BEAUTIFUL job decorating all of them and our cake… just gorgeous. Luke’s was the beer cans!! The Molson Canadian beer cans were a bit retro and also very Canadian, and they just fit the scene perfectly (and the Aussies loved them… haha!)”


“My favourite moment was reaching the base of the aisle with my dad; everyone under that big beautiful tree, and my husband-to-be looking like a stud at the other end of the walkway.”


“My favourite moment was at the end of the night, with a sparkler send-off to the Canadiana camping tent where we spent our first night together as man and wife.”


“Island in the Sun by Weezer – It’s been my favourite song since forever, and when we got together, Luke really got into them as well. We even saw them live at a festival in Squamish BC, where the lead singer sang the song while walking beside us in the crowd! The band has always held a special place for us, signing along to their songs on road trips, seeing them live in Melbourne, and the song was perfectly upbeat, laid back, and very paradise-y (with a bit of a rock-y chorus), perfect for our day.”


“Number 1 important factor, is that the photography was non-cheesy, candid and natural photography, which you don’t just nail in 80% of your portfolio; you nail it every time. So that was a major factor. But we also fell in love with your stuff the moment we read how you try to take lots of photos of the guests so that we can remember that too – obviously, with everyone flying in, that was a big thing for us. And finally, the finishing and editing of your photos is just so natural but with that light, pink-y kind of finish that makes it look like a fantasy (which it was). It’s just enough editing to make it beautiful but still totally imperfect like the subjects are. And to be honest, I totally think you could charge more than you do. The only other photographer that we considered other than you was $4,500 for one photographer. That was super expensive, but I thought you were a total bargain for what we got, and now that we’ve seen the result… like, we legit won the lottery.”



Sagewood Farms


Rob Brouwer


Feast Your Eyes Catering


Feast Your Eyes Catering


Mint Floral Co


Brooklyn Salon+ Spa


Maggie Sottero


Tip Top Tailor


Klub Nico


Homeade Chocolates


Coordinates bracelets from Etsy + Etsy Robes


Custom designed by family friend


Spotify playlist


Between 30-35k







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I met Ashley and Greg two years before their wedding day. They are two of the most organized and analytical people I have ever met! They knew exactly what they wanted and I liked that. They made decisions well together and I have learned over the past 3 years of getting to know them that they also create a lot of DIY’s together too!

The fearless duo got sucked into the never-ending world of Pinterest and before they knew it, they were recreating every little detail they admired. They loved everything rustic and vintage and near the end perhaps they realized how time-consuming it all was and Greg’s mom ended up taking over a lot of their ambitious projects.

Some of the projects they undertook were creating bridesmaids dress shirts with fabric paint labels on each pocket. Ashley bought men’s shirts and labelled each one, saving on the cost of robes.  The couple also created personalized mason jar cups that would be used during cocktail hour and double as their wedding favours. They made it a bit more fancy by tying twine around the neck of the jar. For the boosta box, the couple used Ashley’s dad’s old suitcase and made the burlap “cards” banner together.

Greg’s mom was a crafting machine and made most of the chalkboards, game signs, burlap table runners, flower girl skirts, pew bows, and even “whipped” up some late night perogie’s for the late night snack bar. (As a Ukrainian myself – I know that it takes hours and hours to make perogies) Wow mom! Way to go! You are one talented and determined woman and I am sure Ashley and Greg are forever grateful for you dedication!

Ashley and Greg’s wedding day went without a hitch. The day was absolutely beautiful and their reception location was so naturally stunning. I was surprised at how country it feels even though you are only minutes from the city. Holland Marsh Winery is a perfect rustic barn nestled on a winery with stunning sunset views! What m0re could you ask for really?

When I asked Ashley to describe the best part of her wedding day, this is what she said:

“Best Day Ever” is a term you constantly hear while wedding planning. I always just thought it would be a great day but I really did not expect it to be as magical as it was and it truly was the Best Day Ever. It’s so hard to put into words the love, excitement, nervousness and emotion you feel throughout the day. We spent countless hours looking at pinterest and over-analyzing every single detail that when the day came together better than we could have expected or imagined, it blew us away. All of the most important people come together just for you because they want the best for you; I don’t think we have ever or will ever feel more loved in our entire lives. Even our vendors made us feel like they were our friends and wanted what was best for us and not like we were another pay cheque.”

I hear this a lot from couples and it makes me smile. I always feel special because I am front and centre at every couple’s most important day. I am engaged more than I ever am as a guest and I feel as though I have entered the gateway to the whale’s mouth so to speak. I learn of the family dynamics; the good the bad and the ugly, I sometimes have to mitigate special circumstances, I have to make people laugh and relax. I really have to quickly adapt and watch people in order to ensure that I document all the details and important people of the day but also get real emotion, all the while not knowing the people well or at all. So when I hear that a couple really had the “best day ever” I am fulfilled because I also know that I was the person responsible to capture it all and provide people with a tangible memory.

xx – april



RECEPTION LOCATION: Holland Marsh Wineries

CEREMONY LOCATION: Holy Angel’s Catholic Church


CAKE: The Rolling Pin

CATERING: O’Malley’s Catering

DRESS: Allure designer bought from The Bridal Suite

TUX: Michael Kors rented from Andrews Formals

SHOES: Ivanka Trump (bride), Ted Baker (groom)

ACCESSORIES: Comb was borrowed from my cousin. Earrings and Bracelet are from Artemis

FLOWERS: Zoki Eclectic Floral Designs

HOTEL: The Trump Hotel

MUSIC: Almost Famouz

HAIR/MAKEUP:  Julia and Julia Bridal

FAVOURS: Mason Jar Mugs from Michael’s and decorated by b+g


BRIDAL PARTY GIFTS: Bride and Groom paid for their dresses and bride made shirts to get ready in.

INVITATIONS: Our friend designed them for us and we printed them off at Vistaprint


Videographer: DMS Productions

Coordinator Fidan Ismayilova

CHAIRS:  The caterer


Southern Charm Vintage Rentals

Empire City Trading Co.

BUDGET: $40,000


Your favourite detail:

“Marquee Letters behind the sweetheart table that read “LOVE” and our Welcome Sign that was written on a window and held on the birch easel. I was also obsessed with my bouquet when it wasn’t even something I cared much for when planning the wedding.

Your favourite moment:

“Meeting with Greg at the Altar. Sitting for dinner at our own table and watching the sunset. The limo ride back to our hotel at the end of the night.”

Your first dance song: why?

“We originally only wanted to do “Hey Ho – Lumineers” because that was our song and the whole time I contemplated whether it would be too fast for our first dance but thought I would regret it if we didn’t use it. A month before the wedding we ended up going to a dance class and heard “Tenerife Sea- Ed Sheeran” which we both instantly fell in love with. We ended up having our friend who is a DJ combine the 2 songs so we could have our slow song and not miss out on dancing to “our” song.”


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A gorgeous August Saturday grazed this sweet couple, Gianna and Dusan on their wedding day. The afternoon couldn’t have been more relaxed as I hung out with the bride and her two sisters in the couple’s cozy Liberty Village condo. Gianna ran around the apartment with a hussling ease as she finished some of her DIY projects – such as making her own cake, finalizing traditional Slav rosemary button-holes and even doing her sister’s hair! It was a pace that I don’t often witness but I admired how calm and collected she was and excited to see Dusan! She got dressed and ready in 20 minutes and unsurprisingly she wore a modern skirt with a chemise. She looked stunning!

Dusan clearly thought so too when he tearfully greeted her below the condo. We took some photos and walked to the restaurant where the couple exchanged their heartfelt written vows and then enjoyed their reception. They opted against a sit down dinner and instead chose an endless array of delicious passed canapes,  a grazing table and an oyster station.

The day’s focus was on the couple, their love for each other and the people that mattered the most to them. This wedding is an example of how a loving couple created a day they will never forget on a budget and without the elements some might expect you need for a wedding. It was a gorgeous day full of love, good eats, great chats, heart felt speeches and of course dancing the night away!

All the best to the both of you.

xx- april

gianna+dusan 1

giana+dusan 2 giana+dusan3 VENUE

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

Second Shooter:

Lelania Little


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Nicole is one of those women who sweeps you off your feet in the first five minutes you meet her. She is bubbly, enthusiastic and interested in what you have to say. She is that kind of sweet you wish you had – but the kind that would be the sickening sweet if YOU tried it. Her laughter is contagious and I am certain that Dennis got all twisted up in her kind of sweet, not long after he met her. These two are truly magnetic! I had a great time getting to know you both and love your carefree attitude and genuine support for each-other. I saw the spark in your love and hope that I was able to capture it. All the very best to you both!

xx- april

nicole+dennis nicole+mark 2


CAKE: CC’S Creations and Fine Desserts
CATERING: The Doctor’s House
DRESS: Leighton by Hayley Paige
TUX: Tip Top Taylors
SHOES: Rene Caovilla
FLOWERS: Pure Hue Dynasty
HOTEL: The Element
MUSIC: VIP Entertainment
HAIR:  Salon Gaboa

MAKEUP: Fancy Face Inc
FAVOURS: DIY – Bulk Barn & eBay

Bridesmaids: David’s Bridal

RENTALS: MegaCityLinen
BUDGET: $33,000



Q/A with Nicole:

BRIDE + GROOM FULL NAMES: Nicole Leone & Dennis Naumann
JOB TITLES: Dance Teacher & Operations & Maintenance Program Coordinator

How did you meet?

“In a dog park.”

What was your favourite detail from the day?

“How can I pick just one? The wax seal…my dress… and especially that moment when we first arrived at the venue and saw it all come together – we were overwhelmed, it was an incredible moment.”

What was your favourite moment?

“Our first dance. Let’s Stay Together by Al Green. We love that Motown heart and soul; it makes us smile and we wanted to do something more than the standard side to side step! It was perfect for me to put my skills to good use and choreograph something special that I knew we’d both enjoy.”

Please explain some of your DIY projects.

“We were inspired by the medieval renaissance period that was reflected in the wooden beams, candle topped chandeliers, gold mirrors and lush gardens of our venue. Our vision was to incorporate details reminiscent of a time passed, while keeping it classic and intimate. We drew on this, and had a stamp made off of eBay of our initials. We used burgundy wax to seal our invitation envelopes with our personalized stamp. We also relied on one of our bridesmaid’s experience in graphic design to help create the vision of our invitations. We wanted rich medieval colours and chose gold, ivory and cranberry red for our colour scheme. We bought red ribbon from the dollar store and tied everything together in a little package. When it came to florals, we wanted deep vibrant colours that would add warmth and went with dark reds, deep purples and hot pinks. We also put together our wedding favours, having paid a lengthy visit to bulk barn and wrapping the goodies in little red boxes we bought off eBay. We also really wanted our guestbook to be something more than just a signature on a page; we wanted it to be something fun that we would look back on and appreciate many years from now. We bought a Polaroid camera and put our bridal party to work snapping photos of guests striking a pose with playful cut out props that we had put together, before placing them into our guestbook where guests could sign beside their picture.”

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Earlier this summer, I had the pleasure of photographing Kate and Matt’s golf course wedding. The theme was rustic elegance inspired by the venue and where their family heritage was rooted; in France and the UK. Matt is a superintendent of a golf course, so it only seemed fitting that they choose one of the most gorgeous courses they knew, Wooden Sticks Golf Club.

One of the specialties of this course, is that there are cabins where the bridal party can get ready and sleep in the night of the wedding. It is almost like a more elegant camp and logistically it works well! Kate and Matt wanted their guests to feel as if they were on a journey to the outdoors yet still maintaining a luxury or feeling of elegance like that of a garden party.

The day was gorgeous. The sun was shining and the heat was perfect. Kate and Matt are so laid-back and always up for any suggestion. Their love for photography makes my job easy and much more fun because I know that they are always up for making beautiful photographs! When a couple loves doing this, I can extend my efforts that much more and take them out for sunset shots or even some night captures. We had great fun together and once everything was said and done, I feel like I gained two new friends.

Kate and Matt thought through every detail of their wedding day and it showed. The couple chose summery colours of berry, grey, cream and pops of lime green. Being the first day of summer, and to create the garden party feeling, they incorporated lots of flowers. Their inspiration came mostly from Pinterest. In particular, Kate came across a photo of an aisle lined with gorgeous stumps with vases of wild flowers on them and immediately Kate knew that aisle was for them. Their good friend is an arborist and was able to make the couple the beautiful stumps that lined the walkway. Kate describes “We also had many lengthy conversations with our florist Grace, about the exact vision for the flowers. We really don’t like the traditional singular vase, tall arrangements and because our wedding was slightly more casual, we knew it wouldn’t work. I found these beautiful vintage milk glass vases on Etsy and some photos of trios of vases on Pinterest so we decided to go with one milk glass vase, one mercury glass and one mason jar for the centerpieces filled with wild flowers, succulents and green moss.”

The bridal bouquet was inspired by Blake Lively’s bouquet (featured on the cover of Martha Stewart at the time) and incorporated roses, peonies and succulents for a more organic, earthy feel. Kate’s favourite flowers are calla lilies, so they used mini versions for the boutonnieres. The archway was again, inspired by a Pinterest photo. Needing to stick within a clear budget, Grace suggested branches and hydrangeas to create a beautiful yet affordable back-drop.

To continue the garden party theme, Kate and Matt thought games would be a fun addition to the cocktail hour. Their friends and family are big into games and regularly host game nights so it was fitting. They had a bean bag toss, Frisbees, bocce ball, Kerplunk and Connect Four (just some of their favourites!). An Arnold Palmer punch (lemonade and iced tea) was served during the cocktail hour which added to the golf theme and as Matt’s favourite.

Kate didn’t want to have a traditional guestbook because she knew they’d never look at it, so she found this fun one made of Jenga pieces on Etsy. The signing table also had photos of their parents and grandparents on their wedding days in honour of them. The LOVE scrabble sign was borrowed from Kate’s bridesmaid, Ashlee. Kate’s mom wrote the couple a poem but was not comfortable reading it in front of a large group of people so they chose to have it printed and displayed on the signing table for the guests to read at their convenience. Instead of escort cards (which usually just end up getting thrown out) Kate used a big picture frame and listed the table numbers. The couple plans to use the frame for photos of the wedding afterward.

Kate and Matt fully thought through the theme of their wedding and it carried seamlessly from beginning to end. There were many a DIY projects conceived by Kate but mostly executed by the artistic groom and some friends. Matt hand stenciled the directional signage – another Pinterest inspiration. The “Just Married” sign was a chalkboard (sourced from Creative Bag) with cans that they had spray painted attached with twine.

Kate and Matt both love camping and making s’mores and so with some more inspiration from Pinterest, had some friends help them hand-make each favour. The tag cleaverly said “Want s’more love?”

The couple’s friend Shawna is a graphic designer and volunteered to help create the invites as a wedding gift. Matt came up with the concept of adding twine to give them a rustic feel and it really set the tone for the day. Kate and Matt spent hours hand gluing all of the pieces together but they looked amazing!
During the reception if you wanted the couple to kiss, guests had to putt on a mini putting green. Again, following with the golf/games theme.
Matt’s family is notorious for their dessert recipes which were a tradition of his late grandmother. They wanted to share that with everyone so his aunts, stepmother and cousin made some of the family favourites – “lemon cheese”, short bread, Fredericton Specials and sucre a la crème (maple fudge). Since Matt’s family also loves candy, they thought it would be a nice touch to incorporate a candy bar.

All in all, this wedding was a fun, laid-back and a family-oriented day. I really got a sense of great admiration and connection towards each of Kate and Matt’s family members and that is always the best for taking candids! Kate and Matt; you were a dream to photograph and get to know through this whole process. I wish you and your families many more years of game playing, love and laughter.

xx- april


KATE+MATT1kate+matt2kate+matt3TO_ 01_SS15_COVER


Wooden Sticks Golf Club

Wooden Sticks Golf Club

Brandy-Rose McIlmoyle
All Seasons Weddings

Simply Em’s

Sottero & Midgley from Becker’s Bridals

S Cohen from Tom’s Place

Bride – Nine West
Groom – Winner’s

Groom’s tie, pocket square, belt, socks and cuff links all from Hudson’s Bay
Bride’s earrings and hair pin from Aldo Accessories
Bride’s pearl bracelet – borrowed from a friend
Bride’s great grandmother’s ring tied around bouquet
Veil from Etsy store BridalStar

Grace Lewicki Events & Weddings

Hilton Garden Inn Toronto Markham

String trio – Wellington Music
DJ – Impact DJ

Hair – Andrea Saccoccia
Make Up – Monica Kalra

DIY s’mores

Bridesmaids – Jim Hjelm from Ritche Bridal
Groomsmen – S Cohen from Tom’s Place
Junior Bridesmaid – dress from The Children’s Place

Bridesmaids – earrings from Swarovski & DIY bridesmaid survival kits
Groomsmen – money clips from Etsy shop With Love, H

Shawna Yvonne Interactive
Friend of the bride & groom

Ceremony/reception décor (stumps and cake stand) –
ACE Tree Care
Anthony Weinczok

Seamstress – Pearl Seto
Tailor – Magic Tailor

Jenga guestbook from Etsy store thepaperynook

CHAIRS: Chiavari


The couple’s favourite detail:
Centrepieces – “We wanted to do something along with the garden theme but outside of the traditional wedding flower box. We decided to go with three vases (one milk glass, one mercury glass and one mason jar) and the flowers were mixed wild flowers, peonies, roses and succulents. They looked absolutely gorgeous!”

Your favourite moment:
“All of the speeches were incredible but Matt’s dad gave a particularly touching speech and then presented us with the Davidson family heirloom silverware, which has now been passed down four generations. That was really special.”

Your first dance song: why?
“Northern Wind” by City & Colour. We both looooove City & Colour (Dallas Green lives in our neighbourhood!) and we wanted a unique song that really spoke to our feelings about each other, but wasn’t too cheesy.”

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