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I am sure to most of you this is a household name. It definitely was for me. My mother, an interior designer at one time in her life, idolized him. Brian is a graduate from Ryerson University’s renowned Interior Design Program and has climbed his way to the top ever since. He creates beautiful interiors that are sophisticated, luxurious, clean, modern and yet comfortable. I had the pleasure of meeting him for an editorial shoot for Condo Elite’s first magazine. In combination with his stunning showroom interiors, we took some portraits and then he was off onto his next appointment. He unsurprisingly had the knack for dressing himself to perfectly compliment his interior and then charmingly tell me that it was not intentional. 😉

Please enjoy this condo showroom designed by Brian Gluckstein himself and let me also introduce the editor of Toronto’s new Condo Elite Magazine, Monique Charbonneau.




brian glucstein

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About a year ago, I met this fabulously spunky and beautiful woman named Elle. She is the owner and creative brains behind her bakery boutique and multi-faceted business providing clients with event planning, catering and lifestyle event co-ordination. I have had the honour of shooting her over the top parties and events and I thought it would be best to share her with you! Elle has been featured in publications such as Toronto Life, Huffington Post, The Star, Bizbash and many more! Her energy and creative flare is infectious!  Enjoy!


Monthly Muse Interview with Elle Daftarian from Petite&Sweet




 1. Describe Petite + Sweet. What is it? What are you known for? 

Petite & Sweet is a lifestyle/event planning/catering & bakery boutique specializing in covetable sweets, strewn artistically across extravagantly designed dessert tables. We are known for our over-the-top parties, our unforgettable trademark desserts, and for the way we are able to maintain day-to-day relationships with our clients through our boutique.

Our team is an amazingly talented ensemble of event stylists, backdrop & table prop artists, graphic designers, pastry chefs, cake decorators, and dedicated interns. People are always shocked to discover that we create and assemble just about everything we offer in-house, from the novelty cakes to the floral arrangements, to the invitations and the party favours.

2. Do you bake?

Do I bake? Absolutely! My daughter Sophia and I love try out new recipes together all the time, but I am not a professional pastry chef; that work is best left to Hardi, our Cordon Bleu-trained chef-de-patisserie. His talent shines through his flawless treats – one of my favourite things about being in this business is coming up with new dessert ideas, collaborating with him on their concept, design and flavouring, and then of course, the taste testing!

 3. You have just opened a second location in Leslieville, which is your bake shop. How does it compare to your first location? Does it offer anything different?

The Leslieville (technically Riverside) location focuses strictly on the baked goods that light up the sweet tables at the events we do, whereas the Rosedale location is our lifestyle and event planning headquarters. When business started really taking off, we realized quickly that we needed a bigger kitchen to keep up with the demand of our clients and fans. From there, BAKES was born!

4. Not only do you create the art direction and styling for beautiful dessert tables, but you also offer event styling for personal and corporate affairs. Is this correct? Is there anything you don’t do?

LOL .. I ask myself that question all the time. Normally, I would advise that one should pick one thing they’re good at and focus strictly on that, but I really believe that if you have a passion for something broader like event planning and all the details behind it, there is no limit to what you can accomplish if that is truly where your heart is! I love designing and planning events; my work doesn’t feel like work to me. Watching the business I love take off for me leaves me so much to be happy and grateful for.

5. How did you get into this line of work? What inspired the idea?

I think I fell into this business in the most organic way; I was always told by friends and family that I throw the best parties, and that my attention to even the smallest details was what made their experience so amazing. I took that to heart, and realized it is what I should be doing for a living if I wanted to love what I do. So this is me, giving it a try and finding that I picked the right career!

6. What is your dream for this business? How would you like it to be in 10 years?

My dream is for Petite & Sweet to become a household name that is synonymous with the finest treats & events that Toronto has to offer, and to eventually expand to the rest of country and then, to the rest of the world. I want to inspire people to create their own perfect sweet tables, using our treats, the ideas they find on our blog, and the decorations and extras that can be found in our shops. I try not to look as far as 10 years ahead, as a lot can change in that time. I prefer to give myself small, achievable goals that will get me to where I want to be, one step at a time.

7. You pull long nights and early mornings styling or arranging products for a big reveal at a party or corporate affair. How do you manage a personal life?

Great question! I think maintaining a work/life balance is so important, if just for my sanity! When I feel like I’ve been working too hard, I make a  conscious effort to go out and see my friends and let loose a little. If I don’t make the leisure time to shut my work mode off for a bit and enjoy some mellow time, I might as well be dead!

8. As a young woman and entrepreneur myself, I struggle with being a “slave” to my job. It is so motivating but also exhausting. Are you in the middle of this conundrum also or have you managed to find a divide between work and play?

If you had asked me this question a year ago I would have said I’m such a slave!  It is really hard to try and stop your brain from thinking and doing when you own your own business, but what I’ve learned in the past year is that I’m really no good to anyone (especially myself!) if I don’t allow myself time to go out, be inspired, and just be. One of my greatest lessons has been to learn to MAKE TIME.

9. What is your favourite event that you have created tables or an entire look for? Why?

OMG wow there are so many! Honestly, I can’t really give you one in particular; I love them all; they are all so unique and different in their own way.

 10. Do you work with particular vendors for the services you offer, or do you source new people each time? Who are some of your go to vendors?

I definitely have my favorite people that I work with on events, yourself being one of them 😉 I think its super important to align yourself with people that ‘get’ you, and the experience you are striving to deliver to your clients.

11. What kind of party or event do you dream of planning?

I have dreams of styling the Governors Ball for the Oscars, or throwing a party for Vanity Fair or Vogue. I am confident that my team and I would hit it out of the park; I have so many crazy, wonderful ideas!

12. Cakes that look like sculpture are so popular now. What are some of the cakes that Petite and Sweet have made that have blown your mind? 

We have definitely made some crazy cakes, from cakes that looked like buildings, to race cars, to teddy bears, but the most amazing one to date for me was made by my incredibly talented co-star Yolanda Gampp, which was a cake shaped like a human heart for the Crime Writers Awards Gala. It looked so real, it was unreal!

13. You had the opportunity to film a reality series called Sugar Stars. How was the experience? Would you do it again?

Well TV is definitely not as glamorous as it seems. The experience was incredible – just to see all these incredible tables come to life and having a team full of people who really believed in what we were doing following us around with cameras was the sweetest kind of support! I would definitely I do it again, maybe not at that level of involvement necessarily, but I did really enjoy the experience.

14. Who is your inspiration?

MY DAUGHTER is definitely my inspiration! She brings so much joy to my life, and is always in awe of everything I do.

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Early this summer I had the pleasure of photographing the stills on set of the new tv show “SUGARSTAR’S”.  I even had my own lines and feature millisecond debut! (which will probably never make the final cut but we will see lol). The gorgeous and talented Elle had a feature episode surprising her daughter and her friends with a spectacular birthday party. It featured lavish and precisely decoratively themed cakes and sweets which was quickly overtaken by the young and excited girls. The tv show is filmed by The Food Network and should air this episode in months to come.

Petite + Sweet is Toronot’s first event and lifestyle boutique spread across two floors including event service by Madison 8 + Sweetfix. It is a one stop shop with event planners, flowers, designer gifts, furniture and homewares. Petite + Sweet has it all! Located in Summerhill, come check out the limited-edition treats at their candy bar station or inquire about specialty cakes.

To learn more about the talented business partners, Elle, Caspar, Yolanda and Antonella, tune into SUGARSTAR’S airing on THE FOOD NETWORK on Mondays at 10pm!

Watch them create over the top beautiful and delicious sweet tables for the cities biggest events!

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