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Last summer I had the pleasure of meeting a bubbly woman by telephone. She wanted to hire me to shoot her casual wedding at the Old Mill in Etobicoke in September and I agreed. It was only a few hours of coverage for a Sunday wedding brunch. These are becoming ever so popular these days and refreshing, really. The day is short and sweet, revolving around brunch (my favourite meal). It keeps costs down, yet still makes the wedding day formal in a way of celebration. Jade was just as bubbly in person as the few times we spoke on the phone. She is the most giggly and positive woman I have ever met. She was as refreshing as her Sunday brunch. The day went without a hitch, and Mark her equal counterpart, was just as generous and friendly. I wish you both well as a married couple. If you are this high on life now, I suspect you will stay this way forever; as two peas in a delightful pod.

xx- april


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