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My third year and counting as a vendor at the Drake Spring Wedding Show went without a hitch. The show was a little bit slower this year and I think that was due to the cold and windy weather, but I still met some lovely brides and grooms. I had the honour of being right next to Coriander Girl’s booth which complimented mine so perfectly. Our tables actually blended so well that people mistook us for one. My gift-giveaway 5×7 prints were all snatched up and my new water-colour paged album was a hit!

Many brides inquired about my props as rentals which is actually something I have been considering getting into on the side. If there was something you saw or a vibe you want for your own wedding, I am officially announcing that I am available to style your wedding or rent out some of my handmade pieces!

I will be starting a props and diy page on my blog all this year, so please stay tuned!

Thank you for all of the support and for those who came by to meet me!


For more photos of the wedding co. show by Rebecca Wood go to :http://www.theweddingco.com/toronto-wedding-shows/


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Fresh flowers, contemporary styling, and eclectic vintage prop rentals; Susan Findlay does it all. Having a background in creating beautiful imagery and styling for over 10 years, Susan discovered that she is a natural at floral styling for weddings and events. Combining her many talents she is able to create a fluid and in season arrangement, quite noticeably revealing an original and organic style that you don’t see too often in Toronto. Her choice of colour palettes with simple, paper like flowers enhance beautiful table tops and compliment overall themes. Peonies, anemone, poppies, and sweet peas are just a few to name that you will see Susan arranging into a beautiful collection of vintage jars, champagne buckets, wine boxes, and even displaying on driftwood.

What I love the most about her flower styling is that she has the experience of a prop stylist, giving her the innate ability to visualize how a room will benefit from a certain look or type of flower. She makes all the efforts to learn about the other details of your day and creates arrangements that suit your style and personality. A one woman show, Susan styles all her arrangements solo, taking over the main floor of her home.

Scarlet’s Table is for a woman who appreciates the beauty in nature and has a simple yet elegant sensibility. She is a woman who loves antiques, wild gardens and back-door weddings. She is the kind-a girl that can get her feet wet and hands a muck because that will bring her closer to the reality of the moment. She loves pretty things and feeling pretty but won’t hold back on getting ugly if it reaps a reward.  She appreciates subtle gestures and takes notice of the little things in life. Susan Findlay is one of those girls. So am I. Maybe that’s why I think she is so lovely and I LOVE her work so much!

For more information about Scarlet’s Table and to peruse through beautiful photos of Susan’s floral and vintage rental portfolio, please go to scarletstable. Susan will also be featured as one of my favourite vendors on olivestudio.

Did I mention that Susan also has a pretty sweet collection of vintage rentals? An avid collector of everything shabby chic and elegant, here are some of Scarlet’s Table favourites that you can add to your tabletops or even use as flower pots.

photos by Susan Findlay

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Just this past Saturday, Olive Studio had the pleasure of being invited to participate in the Wedding Co. Spring Show at the Drake Hotel. Vendors from all over Toronto set up for this unique wedding show that spilled onto all floors of the Drake Hotel. What I liked especially, was that it wasn’t over the top. It didn’t have aisles and aisles of overwhelming booths for brides and grooms to literally feel dizzy before they even began the venture. It was simple, artistic and had a very candid and friendly approach. It molded quite perfectly to my style and approach to photography.

Unfortunately I had more than one important event to cater to that day which limited my whereabouts. I was to shoot a wedding at 11am. So, quite perfectly, I was able to set up my booth the way I wanted and hurry on out to photograph a wedding! My often mentioned boyfriend and fellow photographer, Dave, kindly manned my booth and talked to the wonderfully interested brides. My apologies to the people who expected to meet me but I’m sure you didn’t mind some male eye candy to talk to instead 😉

Olive Studio vendor booth at the Drake Hotel.

25 free gift giveaways were given out at the spring show. In each craft bag was a handmade encaustic wax covered photo on a birch panel. Each photo is different and was shot on my long travels through Africa, India and southeast Asia. These are gallery pieces, meant to be displayed on a wall, on a table or wherever. I hope you all enjoyed them!

One of those squares had a 25% off coupon for a coffee table album. If that lucky person would like to use it, please bring the coupon or wax square with you when you set up a meeting with me. As most of my followers know, I am not originally a wedding photographer and so I like to keep my two companies separate but always influencing the other. My style regardless of what subject matter I shoot is always the same. It is as real and candid as I can keep it in order to capture the essence of the emotions and mood of the people and the day.

Feel free to check out some of my travel work at www.aprilmaciborka.com

For those of you who inquired about my services or have any other questions, please feel free to email me at info@olivestudio.ca and set up a meeting at my home office.

A special thanks goes out to all those involved at the Wedding Co and especially Fiona, Catherine and Lindsay. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!


although my presence at the spring show was limited, I was able to meet and research some of the other vendors at the Drake. Some of them especially caught my eye and here they are:

Hazlitt Vintage Rentals  

owned by delightful Selena Hazlitt was my neighbouring vendor. She has an aesthetic quite similar to mine which is obvious that we would appreciate each others work.  She has a plethora of rental pieces from ladders, to chalkboards, doors, frames, mirrors, quilts, cases, signs and even vintage keys. Her collection is like all the best of antiquing in one place! I can only imagine how amazing her house is. In my free time, antiquing is what I do! I just adore the hunt but admittingly sometimes, when you need something specific, its nice to know exactly where to get it. This is the place to get all of those visions for your wedding at once. If you don’t even have anything specific in mind, I’m sure the website will inspire you.

photo credit by hazlitt

Kid Icarus

was also a neighbouring vendor at the Drake. Michael and Bianca had a beautiful designed tiered table featuring well designed invitiations, stationary and papers. They describe themselves as having an indie contemporary craft which is so very precise. All of their items are  made throughout Canada featuring many products from their own designs and a handful from local artisans and designers in Toronto. Supporting locally is so important and I encourage any movement towards helping sustain our own people and their handicraft.

photo credit by Kid Incarus

the block

Rachel, the creator of this inventive and informative blog, “The Block” seems like such a sweet and genuine woman. I did not get to meet her but I have her handmade business card which I really like. I checked out her blog and to my sweet surprise, she blogs regularly about all the creative shops and local artisans that many Torontonians seem to miss out on. I am a semi-frequent shopper on Queen West and Ossington, as the old vintage shop area of Queen and Spadina has been completely gutted and replaced with franchise stores. I guess that dates me a bit because this has been the case for years and years. I love to find unique handmade clothing, or items for my home. It just seems like they are becoming harder to find. It scares me when I see Joe Fresh coming into Queen West and Bathurst. Stores like Buckler for men and Response for women are disappearing. Rachel, discovers some hidden gems and teaches us of local options to support and inevitably end up with something super unique. I love her approach to discovery and inspiration. Keep up the blogging!!!

xo – april

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