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Almost two years ago now, my best friend, Erica, gave birth to the sweetest baby girl of all time! (obviously). She is the apple of many people’s eyes and certainly my own. Her name is Elise. I call her LaLa.

I always hoped that I would have a baby at the same time as my friends. So far, at my rate, I might be lucky if my first is timed with any of my friends 4th baby! (which likely no one will have) hahaha. Yet another teenage fantasy is crushed and life goes on.

Lala is and will always be my spoiled best friends baby. As far as I am concerned, I go over to visit Erica but really I am there to play with baby girl. She is not a baby for too much longer and so it is in these moments, that I will cherish. Elise has a sweet disposition, she is careful and thoughtful and curious. She is a happy little girl with a gorgeous dimpled smile and she certainly has the ability to make my worries disappear.

I am so excited to be an auntie and watch Elise grow and learn. It is especially terrific to watch my bestie do the same alongside her. I have watched Erica fall deeper in love more than I ever have known she was capable and that is truly a joy. As Katherine Hadley once said  “The decision to have a child is to accept that your heart will forever walk about outside your body.” I don’t think anyone truly understands that feeling until they have a child of their own. I can however see how it has made my friend a wonderful mother.

xx- april



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Just a few days before her due date, I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful woman named Jess. She oozed such a peaceful and natural authenticity which was also reflected by her eclectically charming and vintage Toronto home. Everything about her is comfortable. She has an aura that makes you feel like you’ve known her for years and that was what made this photoshoot so perfect. Her home is a piece of her, revealing layers of her character in every room. Together we played out our creativity and hoped for a perfect little bundle of joy to arrive safely and soon!

Indeed, that bundle arrived exactly a week later weighing 7lbs 7oz. They named her Noa. She is a perfect little package and perhaps one of the softest babies I have ever felt with little blonde fuzz on her shoulders and piercing blue eyes. We had her awake for the entire shoot and she is a fierce little wiggler that I am sure will be a speed walker soon!

Thank you to Jess and her partner Robin for allowing me into your home to document two momentous occasions. I can only hope I will get the chance to see Noa as a little girl.

My best wishes to all of you.



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For the month of July I am offering 2 FREE 8×10 professionally retouched prints and a $50 voucher towards any of my packages with the purchase of any of my sessions. This offer is valid until the end of July.
For any inquiries or bookings, please email me at info@olivestudio.ca

2012 Wedding Rates will be going up at the end of the summer. I am currently offering any couples who book before October 2011 the 2011 package rates. If you would like to see my wedding albums or discuss my personal packages, you can book an appointment online.

Here are some sneak peaks of some shoots I have recently been working on.

Some of my wedding album layout designs:

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To this day, I have not yet heard if Olga has yet given birth to her second baby girl Yasmina. We almost didn’t get to photograph her baby bump because the weather was just not complying. The day before her due date, we got a sunny and warm day! It was luck…..although not so lucky for Olga because still to this day baby Yasmina doesn’t seem to want to come out!

Olga is a beautiful woman. I have only met her pregnant but damn, I know that most women would die for her pregnant body!  She is a petite woman that looks completely normal except for when she turns around and shocks you with a baby bump sitting on her belly. Her legs and arms remain to be sticks and she just exudes a sexuality and glow that I’d have to admit some women don’t seem to have in abundance when they are pregnant. Olga is extremely easy going, extroverted and laid-back so photographing her nude in the fields felt natural. She knows her body well and wasn’t shy for the camera or the random dog walker passing by! lol. I had a great time capturing her motherly essence in anticipation of her new baby. Olga, thank you for a great shoot! I am wishing a safe and fast birth for you. Congrats and welcome to the world baby Yasmina!

On an off tangent of my own life and self-reflection:

A pregnant belly always fascinates me. The process of creation and carrying a little person with fingers and toes inside of your belly seems magical, beautiful and to be honest a little bit scary. I can’t imagine the feeling of something growing inside you, or loving something so much that you have made. I can however, imagine that it would be a feeling I would hold sacred and magical. The gift of creation; Mother Earth. Perhaps my mom is right. Perhaps every woman wanting a child needs to feel the creation for themselves? Maybe adopting a child in combination with having my own is something I should consider……………I guess I should focus on getting the first steps of my single life in order first 😉

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