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I am sure to most of you this is a household name. It definitely was for me. My mother, an interior designer at one time in her life, idolized him. Brian is a graduate from Ryerson University’s renowned Interior Design Program and has climbed his way to the top ever since. He creates beautiful interiors that are sophisticated, luxurious, clean, modern and yet comfortable. I had the pleasure of meeting him for an editorial shoot for Condo Elite’s first magazine. In combination with his stunning showroom interiors, we took some portraits and then he was off onto his next appointment. He unsurprisingly had the knack for dressing himself to perfectly compliment his interior and then charmingly tell me that it was not intentional. 😉

Please enjoy this condo showroom designed by Brian Gluckstein himself and let me also introduce the editor of Toronto’s new Condo Elite Magazine, Monique Charbonneau.




brian glucstein

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