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As many of my reader’s know, I often post about my best friends’ children. Since I don’t have any of my own, I give my undivided attention to Elise and Ethan when I see them. Soon enough, they will be grown and babies no longer 😦

A quick trip to Springridge Farm in Milton proved to be a success for Elise but not so much for Ethan. Ethan was less than impressed on this trip but Elise was in good spirits. At least we were successful for one!

We tried our best to capture some cute shots of the kids and the kids with their mamas. Here are just some of my favourites.

xx- april



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3 years ago, I had the extreme pleasure of photographing Amanda and Giorgio’s wedding at the Berkeley Fieldhouse in Toronto. Power couple in business and in personal goals, this duo is one of my favourites!

They just recently gave life to a little bundle of joy – their first child and named him Hugo. He is a laid-back little baby and these two parents couldn’t be more glowing. I was actually surprised at how put together they were and how tidy their beautiful home was. lol. We had a great afternoon reveling in Hugo and I was specifically pleased with the outcome.

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon.

xx- april


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Early this summer I had the pleasure of photographing the stills on set of the new tv show “SUGARSTAR’S”.  I even had my own lines and feature millisecond debut! (which will probably never make the final cut but we will see lol). The gorgeous and talented Elle had a feature episode surprising her daughter and her friends with a spectacular birthday party. It featured lavish and precisely decoratively themed cakes and sweets which was quickly overtaken by the young and excited girls. The tv show is filmed by The Food Network and should air this episode in months to come.

Petite + Sweet is Toronot’s first event and lifestyle boutique spread across two floors including event service by Madison 8 + Sweetfix. It is a one stop shop with event planners, flowers, designer gifts, furniture and homewares. Petite + Sweet has it all! Located in Summerhill, come check out the limited-edition treats at their candy bar station or inquire about specialty cakes.

To learn more about the talented business partners, Elle, Caspar, Yolanda and Antonella, tune into SUGARSTAR’S airing on THE FOOD NETWORK on Mondays at 10pm!

Watch them create over the top beautiful and delicious sweet tables for the cities biggest events!

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On Sunday 22nd, photographer David Wile (www.davidwile.com) and I joined forces yet again to shoot a baby creative. I will launch the creative soon but for now, these are some of the baby, toddler and family portraits that we shot in exchange for parents coming from all over the GTA and beyond to let us photograph their wonderful little babes.

Thank you so much to all of the families who participated! All of the kids were a delight and I don’t think we had one crier. I would also like to make a special thank you to Averill Clarke who is a long time family friend and nurse at Sick Kids hospital. She was my personal baby rep for this photo-shoot. I think she rounded up half of the city with young children for me!!!! Thank you, Thank you Averill!!! 🙂

So, now for a peak at some of the family portrait shots.

xo – april + dave




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Last weekend, my boyfriend Dave Wile and I set out to shoot a joint creative involving babies and water. (the rest is a secret until we release the images). In exchange for getting beautiful babies from modelling agency, Minor Details, we shot each childs’ headshot and photos with their parent(s).

Thank you so much to all the parents, aunties and grandmas for coming out and making this experience a fantastic one! Your children were a dream! We have taken some perfect images for our creative and some equally adorable head-shots.

(As you can tell, I have a bias towards mixed babies…and especially a bias towards babies with big hair! lol.)

These are just adorable kids! Please enjoy!

xo April


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Cherry Beach offers a great range of backdrops to perfectly reflect the summer-happy moods of families enjoying the last days of summer together. Siblings and their children gathered from all distances to celebrate their mother’s birthday for just one quick weekend. I had the joy of capturing this mini reunion with an organized family portrait which will probably be only one of the few that will be captured in the next 10 years for this family living on different continents around the world.

@ cherry beach

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So damn cute.

Just came across some pics of a baby that I photographed the morning of my friends wedding day. She’s just so cute! Makes me smile to look at her.

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