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As many of my reader’s know, I often post about my best friends’ children. Since I don’t have any of my own, I give my undivided attention to Elise and Ethan when I see them. Soon enough, they will be grown and babies no longer 😦

A quick trip to Springridge Farm in Milton proved to be a success for Elise but not so much for Ethan. Ethan was less than impressed on this trip but Elise was in good spirits. At least we were successful for one!

We tried our best to capture some cute shots of the kids and the kids with their mamas. Here are just some of my favourites.

xx- april



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Almost two years ago now, my best friend, Erica, gave birth to the sweetest baby girl of all time! (obviously). She is the apple of many people’s eyes and certainly my own. Her name is Elise. I call her LaLa.

I always hoped that I would have a baby at the same time as my friends. So far, at my rate, I might be lucky if my first is timed with any of my friends 4th baby! (which likely no one will have) hahaha. Yet another teenage fantasy is crushed and life goes on.

Lala is and will always be my spoiled best friends baby. As far as I am concerned, I go over to visit Erica but really I am there to play with baby girl. She is not a baby for too much longer and so it is in these moments, that I will cherish. Elise has a sweet disposition, she is careful and thoughtful and curious. She is a happy little girl with a gorgeous dimpled smile and she certainly has the ability to make my worries disappear.

I am so excited to be an auntie and watch Elise grow and learn. It is especially terrific to watch my bestie do the same alongside her. I have watched Erica fall deeper in love more than I ever have known she was capable and that is truly a joy. As Katherine Hadley once said  “The decision to have a child is to accept that your heart will forever walk about outside your body.” I don’t think anyone truly understands that feeling until they have a child of their own. I can however see how it has made my friend a wonderful mother.

xx- april



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Declan. What a sweet name for a sweet baby boy.

Ana and Pete got married a while back now and our lives have crossed paths a few times over since I photographed their wedding. I moved into a home close by to theirs and from time to time we would see each-other on the street or in the coffee shop or meet up for a drink and talk about our shared passion; travel. It is always nice to hear from past couples and see how their lives have grown together. It is especially great when I hear from them again because their families are growing and they want to document it.

Meet Declan.

He is a perfect hybrid of Ana and Pete – a quiet baby with a sweet disposition. Since Ana and Pete were re-building their entire home when Declan was born, they felt at odds as to where to shoot. I offered my home because I think it suits their style and although its small – I think we got some great shots.

I am so happy for you both! I hope that I will see you soon – in the hood with your little man, revisiting life through his eyes, enamored.

xx – april


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3 years ago, I had the extreme pleasure of photographing Amanda and Giorgio’s wedding at the Berkeley Fieldhouse in Toronto. Power couple in business and in personal goals, this duo is one of my favourites!

They just recently gave life to a little bundle of joy – their first child and named him Hugo. He is a laid-back little baby and these two parents couldn’t be more glowing. I was actually surprised at how put together they were and how tidy their beautiful home was. lol. We had a great afternoon reveling in Hugo and I was specifically pleased with the outcome.

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon.

xx- april


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I met Amy on a rainy afternoon at a Starbucks with her bundle of joy, Elle, in tow. This joyful baby and Amy had come to meet me for a wedding inquiry. It was a pleasant surprise. We chatted about Amy and Jamie’s “real” wedding celebration plans as they are already officially married. Amy wanted the chance to celebrate with a huge bash after Elle was born as they didn’t get a chance to do it the first time. I can’t wait for this couple’s unique wedding bash with Elle by their side! This trio is such a beautiful and loving family. Congrats guys!

xx- april



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On Sunday 22nd, photographer David Wile (www.davidwile.com) and I joined forces yet again to shoot a baby creative. I will launch the creative soon but for now, these are some of the baby, toddler and family portraits that we shot in exchange for parents coming from all over the GTA and beyond to let us photograph their wonderful little babes.

Thank you so much to all of the families who participated! All of the kids were a delight and I don’t think we had one crier. I would also like to make a special thank you to Averill Clarke who is a long time family friend and nurse at Sick Kids hospital. She was my personal baby rep for this photo-shoot. I think she rounded up half of the city with young children for me!!!! Thank you, Thank you Averill!!! 🙂

So, now for a peak at some of the family portrait shots.

xo – april + dave




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Last weekend, my boyfriend Dave Wile and I set out to shoot a joint creative involving babies and water. (the rest is a secret until we release the images). In exchange for getting beautiful babies from modelling agency, Minor Details, we shot each childs’ headshot and photos with their parent(s).

Thank you so much to all the parents, aunties and grandmas for coming out and making this experience a fantastic one! Your children were a dream! We have taken some perfect images for our creative and some equally adorable head-shots.

(As you can tell, I have a bias towards mixed babies…and especially a bias towards babies with big hair! lol.)

These are just adorable kids! Please enjoy!

xo April


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